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So I’m not afraid to admit that I have a lip product problem. Like, I’m usually a totally rational and frugal person but I make exceptions for lip products.

My new favorite category of lip products are balm stains. They generally are very hydrating, add a nice hint of color, and leave a little tint behind. I have very dry lips, so this seemed like an awesome solution for me. I’d heard a lot about the Revlon Colorburst (and formerly ‘Just Bitten’) Balm Stains, so I figured I’d give one a shot.

The only problem is that the shade I wanted, Honey, was sold out. In multiple stores. WTF? I mean, it’s a drugstore product. I finally found it at Walgreens and snatched it up. While I was there, I noticed Jordana had a line of balm stains as well, with one that seemed suspiciously similar to the Revlon one called Honey Love. For science (not because I have a problem), I later purchased the nearest matching Balm Stain by Wet n Wild, Rico Mauve.

Price Comparison

Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain, Honey ~ $8.99
Jordana Twist and Shine Balm Stain, Honey Love ~ $2.99
Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain, Rico Mauve ~ $2.99

None of these options break, but the Revlon is clearly priced at a premium.

Color Variety

This is the one big downside I’ve found with balm stains. There just isn’t the color variety that regular lipsticks offer. I’m not usually adventurous with colors – I don’t want anything too dark or in a unusual color – so this really limits the selection for me.

Revlon has 10 options, Jordana has 9, and Wet n Wild surprisingly has 12. But it seems that aside from Revlon, stores may not have all the options. When I picked up the Jordana and Wet n Wild ones, I definitely don’t remember there being 9 or 12 different colors.


On the Arm

From left (lowest) to right: WnW Rico Mauve, Jordana Honey Love, Revlon Honey

As you can see, Honey Love and Honey are pretty much identical, while Rico Mauve has a bit more pink tint.

Stain Effect

I swiped a tissue across my wrist to get an idea of how they all stained. Revlon seemed to leave the most stain behind.


On the Lips

I decided to apply Honey and Honey love to one lip each.


I can’t even remember which lip had which product, and I can’t tell from the photo. I’d say that’s a dupe!

The Formula

Here are my rankings:

  1. Revlon
  2. Jordana
  3. Wet n Wild

The Revlon one seems to have the best staying power, and as we would say in the web development field, it degrades gracefully. It leaves behind a nice wash of color. The Jordana is a pretty close second and I find I reach for it equally as often.

The Wet n Wild formula is a little puzzling. It goes on nicely, but it doesn’t seem to come off as nicely. I’m not sure if it’s because the formula is overall less hydrating, but it’s…weird. Maybe it’s just my lip, but it seems to come off very patchy and almost seems to change color.

Another random note is that the cap for the Wet n Wild tubes┬ábehaves unexpectedly. You have to push it on until it you hear a ‘click.’ I reached into my bag for the tube multiple times and came out with colored fingers because I didn’t know at first that you had to really push the lid on tightly.

The Bottom Line

If you’d like to see if balm stains are right for you, consider picking up either the Jordana or Revlon options.


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